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Best Sunglasses for Tennis

What are the Top Tennis Sun Glasses?

By nature, tennis happens to be a very competitive game. Unlike most of the other games, you have no guarantee that you will be staying it the court for a given duration. It could go on for hours on end.

You will agree that your skills are what will save you during the entire duration. If you don’t know how to make the shots, you will keep wishing that the game ends soon. 

But did you know that even the most advanced players can be affected when the climatic conditions are not favorable? Take the case of summer games. Maybe, you will not even see the ball since the sun is too hot.

Or maybe, the ultraviolet rays will end up giving you some sunburns and thus distract you from the real trophy. Now, if you do not have the right playing gear, you will not survive.

That is why we have decided to talk about the best tennis sunglasses that will save the situation. Believe it or not, there are millions of models out there. Finding the perfect pair will be a real task.

To save you the trouble, we have outlined some of the best tennis sunglasses that will help you. Take a look.

1. Bolle Bolt

Due to the versatility of this pair of sunglasses, it made its way to the top of our list. Thanks to its athletic construction, it is the best option if you intend to purchase glasses that you can use for other games besides tennis.

Moving on to the features, Bolle Bolt sunglasses come in 5 different colors to suit your preference. You get to choose whichever works with you.

Furthermore, the lenses have incorporated a technology that helps them to be water repellant. That means that your vision will remain clear at all times, so you get to focus on your game.

Anyone who wears glasses will easily accept that fog is one of the most annoying things. The moment it settles on your lenses, you will be subjected to endless cleaning. Having that in mind, Bolt has incorporated a coating that will prevent the same from happening.

The frame has also been designed with a thermogrip feature to ensure that they don’t slip away even when you are sweating.


  • Wide array of options
  • Includes an anti-fog coating
  • Can repel water


  • Can’t be worn away from the court
  • A tad expensive

2. Nike Skylon Ace

Everybody loves Nike products. Although they do not produce every tennis gear, their tennis glasses are one of the best that we came across. 

The starting point, perhaps, has to do with their cost. Skylon Ace are pretty much affordable hence make a great product for people who do not wish to spend too much money – they go at about 20 dollars only.

Plus, the nylon frame used in the construction of the glasses is light. This feature makes them pretty much comfortable. But that does not mean that the durability has been compromised. For the record, Nike products are some of the most durable brands.

To ensure that there is no fogging, Skylon ace has been designed in such a way that there is some space by the nose bridge for good air circulation. 

The other feature worth a mention is the fact that the lens are removable. You have all the freedom to change them whenever you feel like. And as an add-on, they come with a separate casing for storage.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Comes with a case
  • They are lightweight


  • Only 2 color options
  • Not great for use off-court

3. Bolle Python

You might be asking yourself how come there are 2 Bolle products making their way to the top 3. It is just all about quality, since we did the review as per the individual features of the sunglasses.

To begin with, the sunglasses are attractive and appealing to the eye. If you love hitting the court in some style, this is the pair for you. The frames have been made from a plastic material, making them very light.

Regardless, they are still very durable and will serve you for a long duration. They also incorporate some features that prevent slipping and ensure that the glasses remain on your face the entire time.

The review would be incomplete if we failed to mention that the lenses are fitted with a coating targeted at preventing fogging. The coating also ensures that the lenses don’t end up getting scratched, and this works to improve their longevity.

As for performance, they will shield your eyes from the UV rays by up to 86%. They will do a great job on extremely sunny periods.


  • They are lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Lenses are resistant to fog and scratch


  • Only has 3 color options
  • Not the best on cloudy days

4. Oakley Half Jacket

If you want sunglasses that are more masculine, Oakley Half Jacket will be the best buy. The lenses are rectangular in shape. However, we must mention that these glasses are pretty expensive as compared to those we have already reviewed.

That was not meant to discourage you. Instead, you should feel confident since Oakley is best known for manufacturing quality products. These glasses are no exception.

The frame features a unique O-Matter design geared towards improving the model’s longevity. It is strong and flexible, as it has the ability to withstand stress and intense activities.

Also, it has anti-slip features to ensure they don’t fall off when you sweat or come in contact with water. 

You will also be pleased with the performance levels of the sunglasses. They are able to provide 100 percent protection against UV rays. They will be the perfect option for your summer games.

As for availability, they have 8 color options from which you can choose.


  • Offers 100% protection against UV rays
  • The lenses can be removed
  • The frame is strong and durable


  • Can’t be used off the court
  • A bit expensive 

5. Under Armour Core 2.0 

This is another option that ranked well in the men’s sunglasses category. We don’t have as much tennis gear made by Under Armour but when it comes to sunglasses and socks, they are great.

The Core 2.0 model features a flexible frame that has a touch of ArmourFusion technology to see to it that they are durable. Thus, they will be able to stand the test of time. 

The design has not compromised on the comfort. They are still light enough to ensure the player has a nice experience using them.

Moving on, the lenses used for these sunglasses boast of an advanced ArmourSight technology. This ensures that you have greater visibility, unlike most of the polycarbonate-made glasses.

There is also enough air circulation to prevent fog accumulation which will affect your vision.

Finally, the Core 2.0 lenses come with a feature that enables them to stay in place when worn above your cap. You don’t need extra slings to hold them down.


  • The lenses use ArmourSight technology
  • They are durable
  • Allow enough ventilation


  • Only has 4 color options
  • Can’t be used off-court

6. Bolle Tempest

Yet again, Bolle makes it to the top 10 list. This time around, we introduce the Tempest version of their sunglasses. Just like the other versions already discussed, this one has a pretty impressive performance.

The frames of this model are white and therefore seem to stand out from the rest. Besides, they are also strong to withstand the nature of activities they will be subjected to. You can be sure that they will be worth the value of your money.

When you come to the lenses, Tempest incorporates yet another feature not available to other models here. They are photochromatic. Put differently, they can change to correspond with the environment you are in for maximum vision.

When you are out in the field, they will respond to the Ultra Violet rays and become dark for clarity. If you go back to your house, the lenses resume their normal state.

They have also been fitted with a coating to prevent fogging and scratching. The lenses are also able to repel water droplets so they won’t stick to the surface.


  • You enjoy 100% protection
  • Their lenses are photochromatic
  • Light frame


  • The color might be too bright
  • Limited options

7. Oakley Women’s Unstoppable

Up until now, we have not come across any sunglasses that are specifically meant for women. Most of those already reviewed are either unisex or for men. And why is that so? Few female players? Maybe not.

Right off the bat, Oakley Unstoppable is the best model in the women’s category. They are rectangular shaped and very classy. Who doesn’t like looking stylish? They can even boost your court morale.

There is one particular feature that makes these glasses unique. This has to do with the versatility. Just as the name suggests, they can be used off the court for any other occasion. This is unlike all the other glasses that seem to be purely athletic.

As such, they are worth the investment.

There is also a wide array of colors from which you can choose (we have 9 color options). This is to ensure that your preference is satisfied. Also, you get to choose the type of lens you want.

If you are willing to fish out a few more dollars, this is the best option available.


  • They are classy
  • Wide range of color options
  • Come with a case


  • A tad bit expensive
  • Can’t be used for other sports

8. Tifosi Jet

Next, we have the Tifosi Jet sunglasses for both men and women. They are among the most affordable models we have reviewed. At just about 10 dollars, you get to enjoy maximum protection from the UV rays.

Tifosi Jet has been designed using polycarbonate for maximum durability and strength. Hence, they will be around for quite some time and you don’t have to do regular replacements.

The frame has also been constructed out of nylon to ensure that they remain light. Your comfort is not interfered with.

What is more, the lenses are water repellant so that water droplets don’t blur your vision. Such a situation might affect your performance.  They also have enough ventilation to see to it that air passes through, to prevent fog accumulation.

With the anti-slip features, they will be able to remain attached to your face even when exposed to water or sweat.

Finally, the package comes with a casing for safety purposes. You get to keep them away whenever they are not in use. Failure might result in breaking.


  • Relatively cheap
  • They are light
  • Come with a case


  • Can’t be used off-court
  • Limited options to choose from

9. Oakley 009388 EVZero

If you are looking for sunglasses exclusively meant for men and you are not yet satisfied with those on this list, here is another option. Oakley has designed this model such that they look very athletic. Thus, they will be a perfect blend for men.

They have been constructed in 3 different colors and you get to choose the one you are comfortable with. Although still restricted, they are better than if you were condemned to a single fixed option.

To enhance the masculine look, their lenses have not been fitted with rims. Also, the frames feature the O-Matter technology so that they are durable and well suited for the purpose.

Oakley EVZero’s weight has also been toned down for more comfort. Unlike the rest, they have taken into account the player’s physique in their construction. The fit is excellent for people with high cheekbones.

Get to enjoy 100% protection from UV Rays when using these sunglasses.

The only disadvantage, perhaps, has to do with the hefty price tag. But if you can go around that, it should be an excellent option.


  • Quality frame
  • Offers 100% protection
  • Comes with a case


  • Best for people with high cheekbones
  • Expensive

10. Hulislem S1 Sport

Hulislem is an excellent option for players who are looking to buy an affordable pair of sunglasses. It costs just about 10 US dollars! You are not likely to come across a better deal than this.

There is a wide range of options to choose from if you want to buy these sunglasses – the frames come in about 7 different colors. Also, these frames have been made from polycarbonates which makes them very light and flexible.

Besides, they are still strong enough to serve the purpose. They won’t be destroyed after the first day of being used. 

Considering the lenses, they accord to the FDA regulations and have been approved by the said body. They are also HD for perfect focusing of images and clear vision. This is just what you need to be able to see the ball at all times.

These lenses have been polarized to enhance clear focusing. That coupled with the 100% protection offered against Ultra Violet rays makes it an unmatched option for its price.


  • The lenses are HD and polarized
  • Offers 100% protection
  • They are cheap


  • Meant for on-court use only
  • Not the best for cloudy days

11. Under Armour Igniter

Under Armour managed to find its way to the final slot. This time, we present to you a unisex model of sunglasses that is definitely worth a shot. They come in 4 different styles and colors to suit your preference.

Like all Under Armour glasses, Igniter has been designed with the best frame quality. It features the ArmourFusion technology which is aimed at making the frame durable and strong.

Furthermore, the technology ensures that the frame remains light such that it is easy for the player to maneuver around the court.

On the other hand, the lenses used for the sunglasses also feature the ArmourSight technological design which makes them very clear and focused. Players get to see quality images.

Thanks to this quality, you also enjoy 100% protection against UV Rays even on the sunniest days.

Lastly, the glasses are also fitted with some rubber material in some parts for best grip even when you become sweaty, or when they come into contact with water. 


  • The frame design is durable and light
  • Can be used by either gender
  • They are very affordable


  • Only for on-court use
  • Only has 4 color options

Factors to Consider When Buying Tennis Sunglasses

Having looked at the various top models of sunglasses that would work with tennis players, it is now time to consider the key features that will help you when it comes to the actual buying.

Our list will not be of much help without this buying guide. Why do we say so? Still, you might be unable to make a decision as to which model to buy from the above listed 11 options.

It is therefore important that you go through this part before proceeding to the market.

In summary form, here are some of the key factors: price, comfort, durability, and image quality.


From our review, the cost of sunglasses ranges all the way from 10 US dollars to 30 US dollars or more. So how do you know which pair to settle for? The general rule of thumb has always been that you should set a budget that you want to work with.

Thereafter, it becomes easier to identify those product falling within the stipulated price range then consider their individual features. With sunglasses, the difference might not be big.

Sunglasses costing below 20 dollars and those going for more than 30 dollars still serve the function. But if you have the cash, you could as well go for those pricey ones. Good is always associated with expensive.


When we are talking about comfort, you want to look at the frames used for the sunglasses and the level of protection offered by the lenses. The frames should be lightweight such that you can easily move around with them.

When they are not, the result is usually that they weigh you down and as a result lower your agility. Also, check to ensure that the lenses can offer between 85% and 100% protection against UV Rays. 


What sort of technology has been used in the construction of the lenses and frames? Is it strong enough to withstand the test of time? Those are some of the questions you have to ask yourself to ascertain whether the glasses meet your expectations.

In other words, ensure that although the frames used are lightweight for comfort, the quality has not been compromised. Don’t go for those that will break down after the first day of use.

As for the lenses, they should not be scratched easily as they then seize to be of help.


Go for High Definition (HD) lenses that will sharply focus the image and give you a clear sight at all times. You might also consider polarized lenses as they respond to the particular environment you are exposed to.


To a regular person, sunglasses might seems like an unnecessary equipment since they are not meant to avert any particular danger. Well, that might be partly true – they may not be the most important tennis gear.

But that does not downplay their importance. On extremely sunny days, they carry as much importance as that racquet. After all, you will not be in a position to play if you don’t see the ball in the first place.

The only problem presented, perhaps, is finding the right pair from the tones of options that are available out there. Since the features are almost similar, it might be a daunting task.

In that respect, we would recommend the Bolle Bolt sunglasses. 

Bolle Bolt features an athletic construction which makes them preferable among players of diverse games, besides tennis. Furthermore, they also come in different colors such that you are at liberty to choose your best.

The lenses have been fitted with a coating which makes them water repellant. The same feature is also vital in preventing accumulation of fog that might blur your vision. Combined, that gives you extra comfort and convenience.

They also boast of a thermogrip technology that ensures they don’t slip whenever exposed to sweat or water.

You should consider getting yourself a pair.

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