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Best Tennis Ball Hopper

What are the Top Tennis Ball Picker Upper Hoppers?

In this article you will be able to know about the best tennis ball hoppers and will be able to choose the best hopper which will be suitable for your needs. Many surveys were done to understand the need of individuals so that they can get the right hopper. The products have been rated below on many factors such as Price, Features like Stands or lids, Weight, Durability, and much more. You will also be able to understand the information more about the tennis ball hoppers. Also, you will understand which hoppers are suitable for kids, tennis coaches or adults have been mentioned in the article.

Reviews of the 7 Best Tennis Ball Hoppers

When you are out to choose the tennis ball hopper which suits you the best, it is very necessary for you to consider the factors of who is going to use them, how many balls will it hold and will it be able to feed balls. Below are the top tennis ball hoppers which can be used by you. The Features are mentioned below.

Stands: Would it help you in feeding balls?

Weight: Weight of the Hooper?

Ball Capacity: Holding capability of the balls?

1. Tourna Ballport Tennis Ball Hopper (80 Balls)

Tourna Ballport Tennis Ball Hopper is perfect if you have a tennis center or a club. It is best if you are a tennis coach. Since, it has a sliding lid on the top it secures the ball in the tennis ball hopper. It weighs only 4 lbs. which is suitable for small kids who are beginning to learn the game. Its height is 29.5 inches which makes it a standard hopper. For approximately the same price you can get the deluxe version which also consists of wheels. This is an amazing option for young kids who are not strong enough to pull the hopper in the tennis court. This version is a bit different than the usual as it is perfect for young teens. It has a height of 33.5 inches and has a weight of 4.5 lbs.

    Ball Capacity – 80

    Stands – Standard – 29.5 inches – Deluxe is 33.5 inches

    Weight -Deluxe is 4.5 lbs.


  • Capacity of 80 balls.
  • It is light weight approx. 4lbs.
  • It has a handle which locks.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Easy transportation of the tennis balls.
  • The deluxe version comes with wheels.


  • Stands are a bit short.
  • Height is 29.5 inches.
  • The Deluxe model is of 33.5 inches height.

2. Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper (75-90 Balls)

It is a brand which is known by everyone. They manufacture the world’s best tennis bags, racquets and many other things related to the game. Their Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper is one of the most sought out products in the market. It has an amazing cage basket look that has great durability as it has a steel build. The tennis ball hopper has a capacity to hold 75- 90 balls which depends on the model you have chosen. It has a lid thus the balls don’t get scattered, if it ever falls. It is even easier to transport the hooper because of this feature. This hopper is heavier than the Tourna Ballport Tennis Ball Hopper but the weight is the same as the deluxe version which is very easy to be carried by both adults and junior players.

         Ball Capacity 75-90.

        Stands – 33 inches.

        Weight – 4.5 lbs.


  • Two versions are available which have two ball holding capability (75 & 90).
  • Light in weight and can be carried by youngsters.
  • Height of the stands is 33 inches for feeding balls.
  • Easy to carry as it is made of lightweight graphite.
  • Comes with a lid
  • Steel plating which lasts for a long time.
  • Very durable.


  • Slightly heavier than the other hoppers.

3. Tourna Ballport 120 Ball Pick-Up Tennis Ball Hopper

This is the best ball hopper for professional players and coaches who need a hopper with a larger ball holding capability. It can hold 120 balls and is made of steel wore which makes it last for a long time.  It is foldable so it makes the hopper come up to the waist height and then it can be locked in a standing which is tall enough for the players. It also has a lid which makes it a perfect option to carry if you are travelling in your car. It is a big, so new learners may have trouble carrying them around.

Ball Capacity – 120.

Stands – 33.5 inches.

Weight – 10 lbs.


  • It has a huge ball holding capability. It can hold 120 balls.
  • It is durable and has a steel frame that lasts long.
  • It has a height which is almost till your waist and has an adjustable stand.
  • Assembling it is easy.
  • If you are a coach who travels a lot, it would be great to use it.
  • Has a lid which secures the ball.


  • It is very heavy for young learners.
  • It is expensive.

4. Tourna Ballport 85 Ball Pickup Tennis Hopper

If you are working as a coach at a tennis club or an academy and are going to order 6-8 hoppers to collect balls, then you surely need Tourna Ballport 85. It is the traditional style tennis ball hopper which has only one handle with a frame made of metal and has a capacity of 85 balls. It is durable and has a steel finish which helps to make it last for a long time. It is good for all kinds of tennis balls such as regular, low compression stage 1, 2, 3 tennis balls. It helps in picking up balls faster and can be easily emptied into an empty basket if required.

Ball Capacity – 85.

Stands – No.

Weight – 7 lbs.


  • It can hold 85 balls.
  • Its weight is medium – 7lbs.
  • Very easily assembled.
  • Good for all kinds of tennis balls such as regular, low compression stage 1, 2, 3 tennis balls.
  • It lasts for a long time.
  • It has a steel coating which makes it weather resistant.
  • It comes in a pack of 6 at a discounted price.


  • Does not have a stand.
  • Handle is fixed, which is not comfortable while putting the tennis balls in the basket.
  • Does not have a lid.

5. Gamma Sports Tennis Ball Hopper (Hi-Rise)

The Gamma Sports Tennis Ball Hopper (Hi-Rise) is not a very famous tennis hopper as the brand is not that famous. However, they make amazing products. These hoppers are made of top materials and have a design which is impeccable. It is light in weight and it has carbon steel wire. It also has a weather resistant coating. The stand has a handle and also has a locking feature. The lid on the hopper keeps it safe. Available in 4 different colors and also has a model which has wheels, which makes it easy for young players to move it around. Assembling it is easy and is very affordable and lasts for a long time. They are available in different sizes and have a holding capacity from 50 -140 balls.

Ball Capacity – 75 – 50, 90, 110, & 140.

Stands- available.

Weight – 5.35 lbs.


  • Standard capacity of 75 balls.
  • Weight is around 5.35 lbs.
  • Legs are foldable and can be locked.
  • It has a handle.
  • Available at a reasonable price.
  • Assembling it is very easy.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Comes with wheels.


  • Stands are not very reliable when used.

6. Gamma Tennis Ballhopper BallTube 18

Suits best for new learners. Kids who find it very difficult to move the hopper would find it easy to move this hopper. It is not at all heavy, the weight is approx. 2 lbs. and is very easy to use. It can hold 18 balls only. It is recommended for coaches who teach children who are below the age of 10.

Ball Capacity – 18

Stands – Does not come with a stand.

Weight – is less than 2.0 lbs.


  • It is made of good quality rubber and plastic.
  • When kept on the tennis court it does not scratch the ground.


  • Has a ball holding capability of just 18 balls.

7. OnCourt OffCourt Tennis MultiMower

It is considered as the fastest and most easy option if you want to pick the tennis balls. The OnCourt OffCourt Tennis MultiMower is one of the best products which are used in tennis clubs and centers. It can be used by both adults and kids. It has a ball holding capability of 300 balls, thus making it one of the best tennis hoppers in the market. It has a dual function as it can act as a ball hopper and a feeding basket for tennis balls. The balls can be easily picked by the mower and then can be put in the basket. However, you surely need a place for it to be stored. If you teach at a permanent tennis center this hopper will surely suit your needs.

Ball Capacity – 300.

Stands – Upper basket functions as a cart for feeding tennis balls.

Weight – 44 lbs.


  • Dual functionality of a hopper and a feeder.
  • Picks up balls very fast.
  • Can pick all tennis balls such as regular, orange, green and red balls.
  • Can be used by young learners and adults.


  • It requires an indoor space to be stored.
  • Not at all portable.

If you are thinking of purchasing a tennis ball hopper make sure you understand the features, so that you know what you need.

  • Frame Type and Material:  The Tennis ball hoppers are made up of graphite or steel. This material is then separated into different parts to make the Tennis ball hopper.

The Tennis ball hopper consists of the below parts:

  1.     The Basket: This frame looks like a heavy-duty steel cage which is used for keeping the tennis balls.
  2.     The Handle: These are folded together which are used to carry the whole basket.
  3.     Legs: These can make the basket elevated so that the coaches can easily get access to the balls during coaching sessions.
  4.     The Lid: It keeps the balls collected in one place when not used. However, not all of them have lids.
  5.     Wheels: not all have wheels. These are used to maneuver the hoppers around in the tennis court.
  • Weight: The tennis ball weighs between the ranges of two to ten pounds. For a tennis ball hopper the age really matters. Always make sure that it is not big if you have senior citizens and kids in the team as they are incapable of carrying a huge steel hopper. Make sure you have the correct size that suits everyone
  • Stand: If you are a coach who has to help train students you will need a stand. So, make sure you have one which is suitable for you.  Hoppers are available generally without a stand and their sole purpose is to empty balls into huge baskets.
  • Lid: Most of the hoppers have lids. They come in very handy when you have to carry them from one place to another. The lids keep the ball secure, hence they don’t get scattered, if it falls by mistake. If you have a training center make sure you get the hopper with a lid as it keeps the balls locked.
  • Tennis Ball Capacity: Ball hoppers are capable of holding 50 to 140 balls. However, a basic ball hopper holds around 70 to 80 balls at one go. If you have a tennis center standard size baskets are enough. However, if you wish you can get a large hopper.

After looking at all the features of the tennis ball hoppers which you can see above, you can easily make out the best product is the Tourna Ballport Tennis Ball Hopper. The reason being that it is light in weight and has an amazing design. It can act as a tennis ball feeder for coaches and has a stand which can be locked. It is also very simple to install and transportation of balls is made easy.

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