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Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

What are the Top Professional Tennis Rackets?

You can’t just use any type of racquet for your game, no. The racquet that you choose to use will largely determine your success or failure. Why do we say so? A racquet that a beginner will use is different from that which an advanced player will choose to use.

That is because they all have different skills. For instance, it is highly likely that a beginner has not yet developed his or her own power. Thus, it is important that they settle for a power racquet.

An advanced player, on the other hand, has developed the muscle power and what he now needs is more control. In that case, a control racquet will do him good. 

Besides the level of experience, the type of game you play can also affect the type of racquet you buy. Take, for instance, someone who plays as a baseliner. Their racquets will be different from those used by serves. 

With that said, the problem now becomes identifying the right type of racquet that is best suited to your type of game or level of experience. There are myriads of options out there, you can barely set them apart.

Here, we focus on the best racquets for advanced players.

1. Babolat Pure Drive 

For an all-round court performance, Babolat Pure drive will be an excellent buy. This racquet will serve players with all levels of experience. It is particularly important to those who are yet to discover their weaknesses and strength since it’s balanced.

In other words, it has something to offer in almost all aspects. Let’s start with the power. If you are yet to develop your own, you will not go wrong by trying out this Babolat racquet.

Furthermore, it does not sacrifice the control and spin. It has been designed to be a little bit firm to see to it that this is achieved. At the end of the day, what really counts is the type of strings you will attach to the racquet.

It is also great to mention that Babolat features a frame that boasts a dimension of 100 square inches. This is very generous if you were to compare it to other advanced racquets in the market.

If you are a serve, this is your racquet.


  • Provides great spin
  • Can be used for volleys and serves
  • Gives great power


  • It has no comfort
  • There are no small head sizes

2. Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro

In the second place is this Head Graphene racquet which has been balanced to see to it that advanced players get the best performance. In fact, Novak Djokovic vouches for it. Still having doubts?

Well, let us delve into the specifics of this racquet. For starters, it features a string pattern with dimensions of 18 by 20. What this means is that it has been carefully strung to ensure that the ball lands on many strings upon contact.

Hence, you will be having full control of the ball and you can direct it wherever you want it to land.

Moving on, Head Graphine has a big head size that boasts a dimension of 100 square inches. This is definitely some good news since it means the racquet has some power, and in effect you can generate great ball spins to challenge your opponents.

The feel has not been sacrificed as well. You will be comfortable handling this racquet. Regardless of whether you are playing in the singles or doubles, you have something to gain.


  • Offers a great combo of power and control
  • Has a great feel
  • It is balanced


  • Not the best for beginners
  • It isn’t the best for serving

3. Wilson Blade 98 v7

This racquet is an improvement from former racquets made by the Wilson Company, and you can thus expect to gain from the best. Just to set the mood, it has been endorsed by Serena Williams.

Like our previous pick, Wilson also tends to be a balanced racquet. However, it has its own peculiar features. The racquet has a great feel thanks to the advanced technology that has been used in the construction. 

Thus, it is an excellent choice when it comes to shooting volleys. It will also be a nice pick for groundstrokes due to the string pattern used – 16 by 19. If you play from the baseline, it will help you to a great extent in the generation of spins.

Besides, the racquet also gives great control of the ball. As a result, you will be in full control of your game. It might not be the best option, however, if you lack the power as it has not been designed to boost power.


  • It gives excellent control
  • The feel is unparalleled
  • It gives comfort to your arms


  • Not the best racquet for power
  • Might be unsuitable for beginners and lower level intermediates

4. Technifibre TF40 305

It is possible that you are yet to hear about Technifibre. Although it is not as reputable as the other brands in the market, Technifibre TF40 has everything it takes to win the game. Daniil Medvedev has been a great example.

Right off the bat, we will look at the features of this racquet. First, it has a smaller head size (98 square inches) that might work with most of the players – advanced and high intermediate alike.

Plus, its strings are closely knitted. This ensure that you have control over your shots as the contact duration will be longer, giving you time to direct the ball to a particular spot. 

You will also be pleased to know that the racquet is relatively lightweight. It weighs just about 1.4 ounces. This gives you the agility needed for your serves and volleys. 

Finally, Technifibre features an advanced technology that helps with the touch. That will go a long way when you are making your shots.


  • Has a great feel
  • The incorporated technology improves control
  • It’s relatively lightweight


  • Not the best for players who lack power
  • Not good with spin generation

5. Babolat Pure Aero 2019

The next slot goes to another Babolat brand, the Pure Aero. Unlike its predecessors, this 2019 version has something more to bring to the table. No wonder it has been advocated for by Rafael Nadal and has subsequently become quite popular among tennis players. 

Let’s start by pointing out that this racquet has a big frame measuring about 100 square inches. The frame gives a player a large hitting area which in turn improves the control they have over the ball.

The other selling point of this racquet is the shape in which it has been designed. It is streamlined to ensure that resistance to movement generated by air currents as it moves through is kept at the minimum. 

That also helps with spin generation as the ball moves through the air at a fast speed. Your opponents will have a difficult time attacking it.

Also, this will be an excellent option if you still have problems with your power. It will act as a supplement until you upper body strength has increased.


  • Helps to create powerful spins
  • It has great power
  • Has a good feel


  • Lacks control
  • Can easily break strings

6. Wilson Pro staff 97 v13

Wilson Pro Staff 97 has built a name for itself. It is a popular brand among many tennis players, as evidenced by Roger Federer. The player uses models that area bit heavier than this thirteenth version.

However, we want to bring to your attention the fact that it might not be a great pick for players who cannot generate their own power. If you fall within that category, this last review is not meant for you.

That does not mean Wilson 97 does not excel in other areas as well. Aside from the power, Wilson 97 gives great control. This is largely due to its string pattern which boasts a dimension of 6 by 19.

Also, it has been designed in such a way that you get to enjoy the touch and feel. For instance, it features a smaller frame that measures about 97 square inches. Although the area of contact is reduced, it still performs well for experienced players.

Finally, it is lightweight – weighs 11.7 ounces – thus easy to control.


  • Offers great control
  • The touch is nice
  • Helps to generate powerful spins


  • Lacks power
  • Not good for inconsistent tennis players

Choosing a Racquet for Advanced Players; A Buying Guide 

We will kick off this conversation by pointing out that there is no ‘one-type-fits-all’ type of racquet. What a beginner will be comfortable using is different from that which will be preferable among intermediate and advanced players.

So that begs the question, what is the difference in racquets between those levels of players? 

The answer is simple. For beginners, you will agree that most of them have not yet developed the power that is necessary to make clean hits. That is probably because their muscles are not yet used to the kind of activity.

They therefore require a racquet with strings that have been specifically attached to further that cause – boosting the power. That might not be necessary for advanced and high level intermediate players who have mastered the art.

Also, advanced players might not have difficulties using racquets that have a small head size since they are able to make consistent shots. This is not be the case with newbies. They still need time to practice.

What we are saying, in a nutshell, is that different factors will come into play when you are trying to buy a racquet. Unless you know what features to look out for, you will not be in a position to make the right call. 

In this section therefore, we want to engage you in discussing some of the features that make great racquets for advanced tennis players.

Attributes of the racquet 

Depending on the type of game you play, you will have to choose whether to buy a racquet that comes with a given attribute or not. Talking of attributes, this is what we mean – the type of benefit you are likely to derive from the racquet.

There are several attributes that are associated with racquets. They include power, comfort, control, spin, and touch. The thing is, you might not find a single racquet that has all these features combined. That is where the selection process comes in.


If you are an advanced player, chances are that you have no problem when it comes to generating your own power. However, it is also factual that the type of racquet you go for will significantly improve or affect your ability to generate that power.

As such, you should consider settling for one that will not drag you down. That means looking at factors such as the head size, the weight, the length, as well as the frame of the racquet.

The better the racquet, the more placed you are to win a game.


This aspect is mandatory in that an advanced player cannot choose to overlook it. The more you become a better player, it becomes increasingly important that you gain control over your shots

That way, you will be in a position to direct the ball exactly where you want it to land. In selecting a racquet that will give you more control, you will have to consider features such as the head size and the frame.

You should check to ensure that the head is smaller and that the frame is not so much stiff. 

Never should you sacrifice the control aspect of the racquet at the expense of any other attribute. It can be argued that control is more important for an advanced player than any other attribute would be.


Throughout our entire review, you must have noticed that we used the touch provided by the racquet as one measure against which we were doing our analysis. That means that the touch or feel is as important as any other attribute would be.

Wondering why? The feel you have when handling the racquet will affect how effective you are at making certain shots and even at controlling the ball. For instance, you will need a perfect grip to make a nice serve or volley.

Talking of the touch, you will have to consider the weight, frame and head size of the racquet. Better touch is associated with heavier racquets and smaller heads with less firm frames. 


As an advanced player, you need to ensure that you are comfortable using the type of racquet that you want to buy. However, the term comfort is a bit broad as it has been use to connote a number of things.

Let us look at a few of them. To start with, comfort is directly linked to the probability of your arms sustaining injuries as a result of hitting the ball. Normally, some impact might be felt in the form of shock arising from contact between the ball and the racquet.

For a good game, you should ensure that the racquet is built to minimize such impact. Such racquets tend to be somehow heavier and their frames are often very flexible. The weight is directed towards the handle and not the head.

Comfort has also been associated with the weight of the racquet as compared to your upper body strength. The two should be proportional to each other for ease of movement and good shots.


In most cases, advanced players seek to make powerful spins so that it is hard for an opponent to attack the ball. Spins in this context refers to the ability of the ball to bounce high up.

Thus, you should consider going for a racquet that will make this possible. A lighter one will most definitely improve your spins.


The importance of owning the right tennis racquet cannot be overstated. Like it or not, it will go a long way in ensuring that you have a successful game. Buying the right racquet isn’t the problem.

The only challenge, perhaps, is the actual identification process. We take cognizance of the fact that there are hundreds of versions out there, and that there are newer versions being released each day. 

Dedicating a great portion of your time towards reading the uncountable reviews online can turn out to be a tedious and undesirable process. Therefore, we have done all the paperwork for you.

After this extensive research, we recommend the Babolat Pure Drive racquet if you are an advanced player. This model has been designed such that it has something to offer in almost all aspects.

Even if you are yet to identify your strengths, worry not. It is a combination of power, control, spin and touch. The string pattern is best attributed to the level of control you gain since they are close enough to ensure the ball remains there upon contact.

The 100 square inches frame also ensures that you have a bigger surface area with which you can control the ball.

Buy this Babolat Pure drive and see your game take a different turn.

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