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Best Tennis Shorts

What are the Top Long Shorts for Tennis Players?

For over 100 years there have been many changes in tennis clothing. People have made a lot of changes and shaped a lot of trends. Also new materials have been used to make things better for players. An acceptable tennis attire includes the wearing head wear, polo style t-shirts and most importantly the tennis shorts. Even women players wear skirts that when stretches have the shorts underneath it. This is a must have attire for all the tennis players of the world.

So, make sure you invest in the best tennis short which will be stylish and also be comfortable at the same time. This guide will help you to review the top 9 shorts which are available in the market for players who play tennis. After reading through this article you will be able to understand what to buy next, while you play the game of tennis. These shorts can be added to your next wardrobe for tennis. Every pair of shorts were analyzed and rated which was on the basis of cooling elements, stretch, weight of the fabric, color, pockets and lastly the price.

The Nine Best Tennis Shorts

There are a lot of things you need to check while you go out to buy a pair of shorts for playing tennis. This article is a perfect guide which would help you buy the pair of shorts that would suit you.

1. Adidas Men’s Game Set Ergo 9” Shorts

The Adidas Men’s Game Set Ergo tennis shorts provide you with everything you play tennis. It is very light and can even be stretched as it has a very unique weave. This product supports easy movements and pulls away moisture and heat from this fabric.  This product is made from polyester which is recycled which helps the skin breathe and be dry at the same time.

It can dry really fast. The waistband of this short consists of a drawstring and elastic which gives you the fit which is very comfortable. It has a pair of leg strips and a waistband that gives it a more stylish look. It is also available in different colors. These products have deeper pockets which has a capability of storing more than 3 tennis balls. The most famous design is the grey design with black stripes which goes very well with any shirt.

Inseam Length – 7 or 9 inches

Pocket Depth – Normal

Colors – 2


  • It is light in weight.
  • Made of Recycled polyester.
  • Very comfortable and stretchable.
  • Keeps you cool and dry.


  • Color option is limited.

2. Nike Men’s Team Dry Tennis Shorts

The Nike Men’s Team Dry Tennis Shorts has eight color options along with a very flashy graphic on the sides and also has a Nike swoosh. It has all the features which makes it an amazing choice while you take a tennis short. It is very reasonably priced and is very light weight and thus provides you great mobility. The material dries really fast. Hence, you feel comfortable and cool even playing tennis on a hot day. It does not look like a uniform and is very stylish. You have many options of colors which you can choose from.

Inseam Length – 8.5 inches

Pocket Depth – Normal

Color Choices – 8


  • It is very affordable.
  • Wide choice of colors.
  • Recycled fabric is used.
  • Light in weight.


  • Limited stretchability.
  • Does not last that long.

3. Nike Men’s Fall London Flex Ace 9” Shorts

The Nike Men’s Fall London Flex Ace 9” Shorts has a very classic look and has all the good features which are required to make shorts for tennis players. It is made of 100% good quality polyester which has an amazingly comfortable waistband which has good stretchability along with a drawcord.  The side of the short has a vent on the bottom to make it breathable. The Company Nike has added their very popular logo on these shorts bringing back their old design, in again. It is a bit expensive but good things surely come with a cost.

Inseam Length – 9 inches

Pocket Depth – Normal

Color Choices – 2


  • It is very comfortable.
  • Made of high-quality polyester.
  • Design is classic.
  • Flat in the front.
  • Has vents which makes it breathable.


  • Is expensive.

4. Lacoste Men’s Fall Colorblock Tennis Shorts

The Lacoste Men’s Fall Colorblock Tennis Shorts from the brand Lacoste is known as the top brand for professional tennis players. It contains all elements which are practical and what any player would expect while thinking about a good tennis short. It is breathable and is made of good polyester. The depth of the pocket is average which has a 9-inch inseam.

Seam Length – 9 inches

Pocket Depth – Normal

Colors -3


  • A good quality material.
  • Long lasting shorts.
  • Has a breathable material.


  • High price.

5. Adidas Men’s Heat Ready 2-in-1 Shorts

The Adidas Men’s Heat Ready 2-in-1 Shorts are known for its comfort, lightweight and a very unique and classic design at a very reasonable price. The short material keeps you away from sweat as it can pull away all the moisture and comes along with an antimicrobial finish. The material is a mixture of high-quality polyester and spandex. They come with pockets which are deep, which is good if you are a coach or a player who is practicing the game. The price is reasonable and you get to choose colors. They are available in white, black and navy blue which suits any color.

Seam Length – 8 inches.

Pocket Depth – Deep.

Colors – 3.


  • It has pockets which are deep.
  • Fabric is made of Antimicrobial material.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Design is classic.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Not very long lasting.
  • Less stretchable than the others.

6. Nike Men’s Fall Rafa Day 7” Shorts

The Nike Men’s Fall Rafa Day 7” Shorts are the shortest length shorts which you would find in the market. The short allows you to stay cool as it has Dri-Fit fabric along with a mesh lined pocket. It has a drawstring which is internal and has a more or less flat front. The waistband which is made of elastic provides you great comfort and flexibility while you play in the court.

Seam Length – 7 inches.

Pocket Depth – Normal.

Colors- 1.


  • It has a Dri-fit fabric high quality material.
  • Most popular short tennis shorts.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Flexible.


  • Very costly.

7. Nike Men’s Winter Net 11” Shorts

If you like wearing shorts which are longer in length then the Nike Men’s Winter Net 11” Shorts are the best option which you can consider. The waistband is elastic which has a draw cord which is internal along with side pockets, a Zip pocket on the side and a swoosh of Nike. The material is Dri- fit and has a breathable mesh at the back all along the waist. The materials used are polyester and spandex which allows you flexibility. The longer shorts are better if you are playing in an environment which is cooler.

Seam Length – 11 inches

Pocket Depth – Normal

Colors – 4


  • Very famous tennis long shorts.
  • Better for an environment which is cooler.
  • The mesh which is added to the back allows ventilation.
  • The pockets on the side are zipped.


  • The length which is added to the short reduces the mobility while playing.

8. Nike Winter Flex Women’s Tennis Shorts

These are the best women tennis shorts which are available in the market. The material used is the Nike’s flex fabric and the vents on the side are there to provide you with a better option of running and stretching while playing tennis. The shorts have compression shorts which are built and a deep pocket for ball storage. It is also made of the Dri -Fit material which helps you stay cool. These shorts are available in 3 colors which are pink, black and green.

Seam Length – 3.5 inches

Pocket Depth – Shallow

Colors – 3


  • Because of Flex fabric you get better mobility.
  • Dri-fit material keeps the person wearing it cool.
  • The shorts have compression shorts which are built and a deep side pocket for ball storage.


  • None found

How to Choose the Best Tennis Shorts for Yourself?

When you are thinking of buying a good tennis short for yourself there are several factors which you should consider:

  • Fabric: Always check if the tennis shorts have more stretch and flexibility. Also, if they can keep you cool and dry during the hot summer.
  • Length: Check the size of the short is appropriate to your needs.
  • Pocket Depth: Consider pocket length if you are a coach or a person who needs to practice the game more. A standard short can hold one or two balls for players.
  • Brand: Shoe manufacturers who are very famous make these shorts. So, you can match it with the shoe brands.

What Fabric are Tennis Shorts Made From?

All the famous and most popular shorts are made of polyester. It is a great material for apparel used for athletes. It is light in weight and lasts for a long time. It has a special feature that it dries very quickly and even does not wrinkle, making it a very good material. These features of a polyester help the players to keep themselves dry and cool, thus allowing them easy movement in the court. 

Some of the shorts are even made of spandex which gives the elastic capability. Spandex is used basically in the waistband of the shorts. Other materials which can be found are nylon.

Features to Consider when Shopping for Tennis Shorts

There are many things which you should look for while buying the shorts for tennis.

  • Inseam Length: The shorts inseam is measured on the inside leg. The standard measurement is about 8.5 inches. If the shorts have a larger inseam, it can affect your mobility while on the court. Length gets affected more if you get low balls and have to stretch for a shot when you are running. Players who are playing at an advanced level should look for shorts, below 9 -inch inseam.
  • Pocket Depth: Tennis players generally hold one ball in the hand and the other is kept in the pocket. So, the pockets should have the average depth, to keep two to three balls. Some of the shorts such as the Fila shorts can hold more than 5 tennis balls.
  • Fit and Style: Most of the tennis shorts have material which is specifically designed for getting the movement better while wearing the shorts. They even have vents on the side and fabric which stretches. The mesh fabric keeps the moisture away from you. Allowing you a cool and dry feel.

Choosing a Tennis Short Brand

If you are searching for a short to match your shoes or bag or a shirt. It is not that difficult to find the biggest brands which make the best shorts.

  • Nike: Makes shirts, bags, shoes and shirts.
  • Adidas: Shoes, bags and shirts.
  • Lacoste: T-shirts and tennis apparels.
  • Fila: Shoes, shirts and bags.

Top Features of the Tennis Shorts

Many major brands have these features which makes it the best:

  • Inseam Length: The inseam length should be short so that it does not affect your movement while stretching or serving the ball.
  • Pocket Depth: The tennis balls generally fit in the pockets. Make sure at least 2-3 balls can fit in them. Deep pockets which fit 5-6 balls is even better.
  • Colors: Color options make clothes interesting.
  • Price: Check for 1-3-dollar signs.

The Adidas Men’s Game Set Ergo 9” Shorts is the one which is our choice. These shorts have been made of high-quality material and offer the player the comfort and flexibility which they need. For Women tennis players the Nike Winter Flex Women’s tennis Shorts are the best as they provide comfort all day year long and also gives you a great sense of style. If you ever feel confused it will be a good idea to do proper research before you decide to buy the best tennis shorts.

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