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Best Tennis Socks

What are the Top Socks for Playing Tennis?

When playing any game, comfort is one of the factors most people want to get right. It affects, among other aspects of a match, performance. Socks offer our feet the much-needed comfort in tennis. Whether a beginner or seasoned, a quality pair will take your matches a long way.

Before every match, you may want to ready your equipment. Apart from relevant and necessary kit, are shoes and socks, which have a bearing on your movement. You can have a single preferred brand, or a variety of socks that work well for you.

What difference do they make? Due to the energy and activity involved in a tennis match, your feet could sweat a lot. If you are wearing poor quality socks, then you may have a hard time losing the moisture. In this state, you may not be able to perform well.

After a match, you may sometimes notice that your feet develop blisters. If you expect to be on them throughout a season or series of matches, then they could hinder your movement over time. 

A good pair of tennis socks should keep your feet dry whenever sweat builds by offering good air circulation. It should be comfortable enough to keep your feet safe from blisters and avoid soreness.

The market is full of brands offering something unique for your next match. Your preference could be a go-to but if you are looking to make first-time purchases, then the whole process can feel so confusing. In this article, we will try to break that down and make things easier for you.

Here is our list of some of the best tennis socks that you should expect to come across:

1. Thorlos

With its cushion feature, this sock will ensure maximum protection on your toes. Its padding has been tested and approved by clinics. It also ensures that you are comfortable. It does not inhibit movement and enables you to change your position easily. 

As we all know, the material of the socks is something to note down. In Thorlos case, acrylic, nylon, and spandex are used in its manufacture. And together, they bring out a tender and comfortable finish to this pair. 

Furthermore, it soaks up sweat to keep those feet moisture-free and, therefore, avoid the formation of blisters. Thus, if you train or play for longer, you should consider it. What about its durability? Well, you can be sure that the pair is going to serve you for long. 

It is also super thick and absorb shock. Do you also play racquetball or any other sports on courts? If you do, the pair is good to go for any of these games. Finally, if you prefer brands, it is liked by most tennis players. And since they are long socks, they are also stylish.


  • Lasts long
  • Absorbs moisture and shock
  • Enables swift movement 
  • Maximum protection


  • Not ideal for those who prefer thin socks
  • For a perfect fitting, you may have to choose a bigger size.

2. Prince

If you normally suffer from blisters after games, this pair could be your solution. That is with the courtesy of its smooth seam at the toe area that prevents rubbing and irritation, which often leads to blisters. 

Some socks tend to slide as you play. Luckily, that will not be the case with this pair, which has a wrapping all round for a perfect fit. What about its material? It mainly consists of polyester, and a bit of rubber and spandex, which only account for four percent. 

As for the lengths of its comfort, it sole is adequately cushioned to ensure good performance. And if you have a thing for thin socks, this could be ideal for you. Moreover, it is also a common brand for tennis players. However, you may have to choose a smaller size for the right fit.


  • Comfortable
  • Smooth to prevent blisters
  • Provides a good fitting


  • Less durable than other options
  • It may be too thin for some players

3. Saucony

As most women may prefer, this pair is a no-show sock. Other types of these socks tend to slide as you play and move further into the sneakers. However, the pair is featured with a roll top to ensure that it does not happen. It is also extremely comfortable due to the seam at the toe and draws off sweat during the play. 

Which means it prevents blisters. As for its material, 98% consists of polyester and 2% of spandex. What I like about the pair, is its ability to enable breathability. This is due to the mesh ventilation. Is it cushioned? Yes, it is. And in fact, at the places that tend to receive more impact.

It also ensures that the arch is protected through compression. There are issues with its fitting size, which means you should be careful while choosing the right one for yourself. 


  • Wicks sweat
  • Comfortable
  • It features a design that gives a perfect fitting
  • Breathable
  • Ensures the arch’s security
  • Cushioned at the right places


  • Tend to run large

4. Adidas

This pair is moderately thin and if you ask me, it is ideal for good performance. Its ClimaLite feature ensures that sweat is absorbed and, therefore, keeps your toes dry. In turn, you can forget about the blister nightmare. The compression at the arch is also a feature to consider. Which is because it provides support and enables the player to commence or come to a halt easily. 

And what of its materials? Polyester makes up for 97%, while the remaining 3% is spandex. Furthermore, this is a brand that speaks for itself all around the world. And apart from socks, they also make shoes and bags. 

It also comes in three colors including white, grey, and black for those who love the variation. However, swift players tend to get them damaged quickly.


  • Eats up moisture and ensure dryness
  • Provides support for the arch
  • Moderately cheap


  • It may be too thin for some players who may get it worn and torn

5. K. Bell

These low-cut socks are perfect for those who like to inspire some style and fashion. But what about its materials? The socks are not just for the show, as cotton, nylon, and spandex are used in its making. They consist of 80%, 18%, and 2% in that order. 

And if your feet love some freedom, this pair could be ideal for you. And that is not all, as they are also amazingly comfortable. That is thanks to its relative cushioning. As for its durability, it is made from materials of high quality. Therefore, you will not have to worry about buying new socks frequently. 

Does it come in one design? No, it comes in eight different designs for you to choose the one that suites you. They also come in a variety of colors. However, they are not common and easy to get.


  • Promotes comfort
  • Features eight designs
  • Durable
  • Adequate cushioning


  • It may be hard to find.

6. CelerSport

If you are a fan of low-cut socks, this is another option for you. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of sizes that can accommodate everyone. This is from small, medium, large, to extra-large. This ensures that you get the right fit to swing into action.

It is breathable as it allows circulation of air in and out of the socks. It also wicks sweat and thus, prevents your feet from being wet and causing blisters. Polyester, spandex, and 90% cotton is used in its making. 

Unlike some pairs out there, it ensures stability by keeping the arch secure. Is it thick or thin? It is relatively thick, and resists wear and tear. However, there have been complaints that the extra-large size is smaller than expected, while there is little difference between the medium and small socks.


  • With the arch compression, the pair provides stability
  • Availability of different sizes 
  • Enables breathability


  • There is an issue with the sizes.


What I like about this ankle pair is the fact that it reduces the abrasion and the amount of stress on the foot during the tennis game. Which is due to the relatively padded deep cup at the heel area. It also provides arch support. 

The pair’s materials are outstanding by having 42% polyester, 10% spandex, 38% nylon, and the remainder being elastic and cotton. Its fabric is odor-free and absorbs sweat. Which means your feet will remain dry regardless of how long you play.

And provided you choose your right size; this pair offers perfect fitting to enable you to move without worrying about them sagging or sliding. It is also thinner than other options.


  • Gives arch support
  • Keeps odor away
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • It may wear out faster compared to others

8. Under Armour

These no-show socks have a flat knit make that can increase its size to perfectly fit different tennis players. Its materials are polyester at 97% and spandex at 3%. They keep moisture away from the feet and is therefore perfect for those who have sweaty feet and especially during the summer season.

What about its stability? It plays a major role in ensuring good performance. And the good news is that the arch support of the pair has that covered. And if you are worried about odor, this pair may be a perfect choice for you with its odor-resistant feature. 

However, it is thin compared to other options and may wear out easily depending on how often you play and wash them. 


  • Gives arch stability
  • Availability of different styles and colors
  • Free of odor and moisture


  • It is likely to wear out faster

9. Balega

If blisters remain an issue despite various attempts, it is time to try this no-show pair that was made for that purpose. What makes it different? Natural fibers including mohair and drynamix, which are used in its manufacture, hamper blisters. 

The socks also ensure that the temperature inside the sneakers is moderate and, therefore, keeps the feet cool. This is a characteristic of the mohair fiber. The drynamix material, on the other hand, draws off moisture. Moreover, it enables air circulation with its mesh ventilation and ensures comfort even when you must wear them for a longer time. 

It also features a roll top to keep the sock intact and prevent sliding into the sneakers, which can be uncomfortable.


  • Made of high-quality material
  • Comes with a tender feel
  • Enables air circulation


  • It is quite expensive compared to other pairs

Buying Guide

If you enjoy playing tennis, then you may have found yourself in need of a pair of socks. You may find it difficult or impossible to play without them, considering all the activity that comes with every match, the sweating you should expect and manoeuvrability needs. 

We have discussed top tennis socks in the market because you should expect to come across plenty of brands, which offer competitive features. It can be confusing to determine what works for you and what may not. In our list, we looked into what each product had to offer.

How do you, however, determine the best product for you? There are factors that you may want to keep in mind. They will help eliminate what works from what does not, by providing what is useful and shedding more light on what a good product should have. Why don’t we have a look at some of these factors?

The material used in manufacturing your pair should be on top of your list of considerations to make. This could affect not only the performance of your socks but also their level of comfort and in other cases, even longevity. Let us find out how your choice of material can do this.

With socks, you have a wide variety of materials at your disposal. What mostly makes a determination, is what you would like to use the socks for. Regular socks are meant for not only comfort in shoes but can also keep the cold out and are, of course, also meant to look good! You should be able to match them with your attire.

With tennis socks, however, you may want to consider something different. Remember that you will be playing for hours and may, therefore, sweat more than you would if you were just walking. It would be a good idea to get a material that helps with management of sweat, leaving you comfortable throughout a match.

Regular socks are made of cotton. Since cotton is good enough for comfort, you should not have a problem moving around with them during a match. With sweat, however, cotton absorbs and retains. This is not good, since it makes the socks malleable.

Due to activity involved in the course of a match, cotton socks may not easily retain their shape, which could eventually cause blisters due to slippages. Regular socks, therefore, are not the best for tennis—do not go for only-cotton materials. Get something that will serve your needs better.

Synthetic materials, for instance, are great for playing on. This is because of their ability to eliminate moisture and enhance air circulation within the socks and feet. This promotes comfort and ensures that your feet remain dry throughout a match, which is something every player would desire.

You may also love that with synthetic materials, you will be facing lower risks of blisters or slippages. This is because they maintain their shape better than cotton. These socks have been designed to suit the expected activity in a tennis match, and will hardly disappoint. 

Regular or traditional socks, however, do not come in only cotton. You may also get them in a combination with polyester or wool. For tennis, you may want to consider a combination of the traditional materials with nylon, acrylic or spandex materials. 

The type of material you choose of your tennis socks determines a lot. Something else that you may want to watch out for when shopping for a good pair, however, is comfort. If you do not feel comfortable enough, then you may not be able to do much; you may not put up your best performance.

Comfort is affected by among other factors, the padding used in your pair. What does padding do? In athletic socks, you should find padding to be useful in pivoting and sudden stops. They provide that boost and cushioning, which you may need.

Because we all have different types of feet, our requirements of padding may differ. One of the factors that may affect how much padding you need is the nature of your feet. If they are tough and are perhaps not new to stress, then you may not require much padding. A thing pair may do the trick for you.

But if your feet are sensitive, then padding could help relieve or avoid any stresses. You don’t want to strain yourself or leave a match with sore feet. In this case, it would be most ideal to go for higher padding. In the end, your performance may do so much better.

Your game is another factor that you should consider when dealing with the socks’ padding. Here, you should look into your skill level. Are you a beginner? Then padding may not mean much to you, since you will not be doing as much sprinting yet.

Are you an advanced player? Then you may have already found that sprinting and manoeuvring around the court is easier with sufficient padding. For the best performance, it would be advisable to get padding that suits you best. Is that all? There is something else you may want to keep in check.

Your preference is an important consideration when dealing with comfort and in this case, your pair’s padding. Too much padding may leave you with discomfort and too little when you need it is no good way to go into a match. Determine what works best for you.

You may find arch support to be as handy in socks as it is in shoes. Strains and fatigue happen often, and with an arch’s light compression, you should have an easier time and avoid plantar fasciitis. 

What is more, is that a great, snug fit goes a long way to transform your experience in a match. You will not have to worry that your socks keep moving in the course of a play. An excellent fit is best determined by the right size, so be sure to watch that when shopping.

Summarily, you may want to consider some tennis socks styles that offer something unique for each experience. We have looked at a variety of them, and will, therefore, just point the styles out:

  • No-show. If you are looking for a pair that does not show above the sneaker, then this could be it.
  • Roll top. With this pair, at the top, you get a loose roll for a great fit.
  • Ankle. This pair rises above your ankle to only about an inch. 
  • Quarter. This pair rises above your ankle, slightly higher than ankle socks, covering the ankle bone.
  • Crew. This pair is common for its sweat absorption and protection from UV-rays.

I hope you find what you are looking for; happy shopping!

Bottom Line

Comfort, when playing tennis, is paramount. Among the gear, you may get to ensure that you are on your best performance and comfortable at it, are socks. A quality pair of tennis socks will go a long way in ensuring air circulation and that you move with ease throughout the match.

We have looked at some of the best available tennis socks in the market and what they have to offer. We have also discussed some of the factors that make a good product and what you should look for, besides the styles you should expect. I would like to recommend Thorlos tennis socks.

Besides lasting long, these socks also absorb moisture and shock. You may love that they enable swift movement and provide maximum protection.

Get the Thorlos today!

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