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Best Tennis Strings

What are the Top String Replacements for Tennis Racquets?

There is no big difference when it come to the selection of a tennis racquet or the strings. They are both interlinked and will equally affect how your game turns out to be. While some racquets will come with pre-attached strings, some will not.

So, what do you do after carefully considering the available racquets and settling for the best?

Right from the beginning, we will tell you that finding the right string will be a nerve-wracking task. There are hundreds of options out there. Yet again, going for strings that are incompatible with your racquet will cost you a great deal.

What remains, therefore, is carrying out a comprehensive research and examining the individual features of the strings one after the other. There are some aspects that might step in to help you with your search.

They include factors such as the material of the strings, their prices, and also the kind of benefits you want to derive from them. Let’s revisit that last factor. Basically, you could be looking for a string that minimizes the impact at contact (comfort strings).

Or you could be looking for power strings since you are a newbie lacking the power.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best strings available.

1. Solinco Hyper-G Heaven

Our top pick goes to Solinco Hyper-G heaven strings. These are the best strings as far as performance is concerned since they are all-round. They feature a square shape, and are pretty much affordable.

You just need 1 US dollar to get yourself this tennis string. 

It is made from quality polyester material and you don’t have to worry yourself over the durability. Besides, it’s also a great option for those experienced players who are looking for control.

This is thanks to its stiff nature that is able to retain tension, making it easy to direct the ball wherever you want it to go.

You will also be pleased to know that Solinco Hyper-G Active has been designed to offer great comfort. If you’ve had a history of elbow injuries, this might be your best shot. It minimizes the impact and vibration that is felt by your arm upon contact with the ball.


  • Made from quality and durable polyester 
  • Minimizes arm and elbow injuries
  • It gives a great spin


  • Doesn’t give much power and is thus not for beginners
  • The tension does not last 

2. Babolat RPM Blast

Babolat is a round-shaped tennis string that has become quite popular among many tennis players. Regardless of the experience level, everyone has something to gain from this Babolat.

To start us off, we would like to comment about the type of spin produced by RPM Blast. In case you are a competitive player who wants to ensure that your opponent has a hard time attacking, this is your best buy.

In fact, the strings have been made from quality polyester for durability and related advantages. You don’t have to replace them from time to time as that would be costly.

Besides the spin, you are also going to like the amount of comfort you can get from using these strings. They will be very gentle on your arms and provide you with plenty of time to heal if you already have some injuries.

Additionally, this can be a great option for advanced players who have already developed their own power and are looking forward to get strings that give them best control of the ball.


  • The spin is unparalleled
  • It can be used by all levels of player
  • It offers excellent comfort and control


  • It loses the tension pretty quickly
  • It does not have much power

3. Luxilon Alu Power 

Next on our list is the Luxilon tennis string. Right off the bat, we would like to note that this is the best option as far as durability is concerned. It cannot be compared to any of the other products that we have already reviewed.

It does not all end at that. Luxilon has much more to offer, beginning with the level of control. If you are sure that you can easily generate your own power, then why don’t you give Alu power a try?

Alu power has been made from a polyester material. Like all the polys, you can be sure that it is durable and worth the value of your money. It is also stiff to see to it that you have control over the ball.

 On the downside, however, it might not be as helpful when it comes to power. As such, beginners might want to find alternative strings that will help them to further that cause.


  • It offers considerable control 
  • It is very durable
  • It is good at maintaining tension


  • Not great for beginners
  • Does not offer some arm comfort

4. Wilson NXT

Do you already have some arm or elbow injuries and you are currently looking for tennis strings that will help you to heal? Or better still, do you want to avert such problems from happening in the future by getting yourself forgiving strings?

Then worry no more! Wilson NXT was designed just for you. 

This is a round-shaped string that is made from nylon or multifilament. As far as comfort is concerned, this is our top pick. It has the best combo when it comes to power and comfort.

As such, newbies in the game can rely on it to generate the power that their yet to develop arms can’t produce. It also takes into account intermediate players who are yet to become tennis pros.

It will also help those categories of players to minimize the impacts felt on their arms when the ball comes into contact.

While experienced players can still use Wilson, it will be a bad idea since they are always breaking their strings- nylon isn’t strong enough.


  • Protects your arms and elbows
  • Has great power
  • Great for beginners


  • Not very durable
  • It doesn’t retain tension perfectly

5. Head Synthetic Gut

This type of tennis string is round shaped and mostly meant for beginners who are yet to master the art. As the name suggest, this string is made from synthetic gut or nylon. As such, it gives awesome power.

Coupled with the Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) it features, you can rely on the strings to make powerful hits until your arms are fully developed to produce your own power. 

Plus, the tennis string is relatively affordable since it only costs 1 US dollar. That does not in any way imply that the quality is bad. In fact, it is one of the best strings that will not easily break.

Moving on, you might be pleased to note that Head synthetic Gut PPS is also an excellent option when it comes to comfort. It is not as stiff as the advanced options so it will definitely be lenient on your arms and elbows.

With a gauge of about 16, it forms about the right option for new and intermediate players.


  • Relatively cheap
  • It is pretty much durable
  • It is accommodative to beginners


  • Loses tension easily
  • Not the best for competitive players

6. Wilson Synthetic Gut

Yet again, here is an affordable tennis string that does not compromise on the quality and performance. Wilson synthetic gut goes for just 1 US dollar, and is thus an excellent option for people who are working within a budget. 

You are probably worrying about the power produced by this Wilson string since it is usually problematic when it comes to synthetic strings. But we have good tidings for you. 

The strings are specially crafted from strong wraps that in effect produce the power you need to supplement your energy. If you are a beginner, you don’t want to miss out on this option.

What is more? Wilson is also very forgiving and thus friendly to your elbows and arms. If you are looking for comfort, you should try this out. 

However, this might not be an excellent option for advanced players who need firm strings likely to withstand the intensity of the game. They might break often. And, they also don’t have the spin that such players might need.


  • It is very affordable
  • Produces high power great for tennis beginners
  • It will be very friendly to your arms


  • Not best for tennis pros
  • Doesn’t have the best spin

7. Babolat VS Touch

Yet again, we bring to your attention another Babolat product that has been designed to respond to your needs. Unlike the first one, this one is an advanced form that combines all the previous technologies to give you a quality product.

Babolat VS Touch is made from a polyester material that is strong enough for longevity. For players who play ‘rough’ games, this is an excellent option. You wouldn’t have to go for weaker options that will break time and again prompting you to spend so much more.

The string gives an all-round type of playing experience. For starters, it produces great power. As such, even beginners will benefit from this type of tennis string. Furthermore, it is firm enough to provide players with control over the ball.

The spin is also not omitted. You will be able to generate a ‘heavy ball’ that will give your opponents some great challenge. 

You should, however, be willing to fork out a few dollars if you are going to benefit from Babolat VS Touch.


  • Has excellent durability
  • Produces a great spin
  • Gives some power to players


  • A bit expensive
  • Can be too firm for beginners

8. Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL

Tecnifibre is made from some nylon or multifilament material to improve the player experience. This is achieved by ensuring that it produces some great power which will go a long way in assisting players with weak upper body strength. 

To add on that, the strings have been strengthened with a Silicon Pyrogene Lubritec (SPL) material to ensure that they are able to withstand the test of time. For players who usually beak their strings, this is an excellent alternative. 

It will also go a long way in serving players who have problems with their arms and elbows. The strings are designed such that they can minimize the resultant force brought about by the impact with the ball.

It is, therefore, a great option for beginners. For advanced players, however, they might want to find another alternative that will take care of needs such as control and spin. The stings are not firm enough to produce the necessary control that they might require. 

It will also not produce the kind of bounce needed to challenge opponents.


  • Extremely durable material
  • Very comfortable and kind to your arms
  • Awesome power


  • Strings move a lot
  • Doesn’t give the best control or spin

9. Wilson Champions Choice 

Our next stop was at this Wilson brand. For the ultimate best performance, this Wilson Champions Choice will definitely serve you well. It boasts a great construction, having been manufactured from a combo of natural gut and polyester materials. 

There is nothing you wouldn’t get from this tennis string. If it is durability, that is assured thanks to the constitutive materials. As for the control, the polyester makes the strings firm. You are therefore able to direct the ball wherever you want it to land.

Plus, Wilson is also very forgiving to your arms. It will come in handy if you suffering from some previous injuries as it will give you the time you require to heal. 

The list continues. Beginners can reap handsomely from the power that these strings offer. Until you have developed the necessary strength, Wilson will do you good. Not to mention the awesome feel and touch that you get from using this type of string.

However, you will have to go around the price to get yourself the Wilson strings.


  • Gives the player awesome control
  • Very durable having been made from strong materials
  • Has great power


  • It is pretty much expensive
  • May not be great for beginners

Buying a Tennis string: what to look out for 

Now we have discussed in detail some of the best models of tennis strings that you are likely to find in the market. What that means is that you will not have to again do your independent research, as it will turn out to be strenuous.

However, just knowing the favorite brands released into the market might not help you as such. You need to know the key features that you will be looking out for when trying to select the best model out of those that have been discussed.

And what are those factors? You see, you can’t simply walk into the shop and ask for Wilson if you don’t even know whether it will be compatible with your level of playing.

In this section, we try to point you towards the aspects that will come into play. They will include issues such as the material used in the construction of the strings. The material in turn affects the quality and durability of the strings.

Also, you will have to consider the gauge or thickness of the strings since they differ depending on the amount of experience you have in the game of tennis. You will also have to look at the kind of benefit you want.

Type of benefit

There are many types of benefits that players will usually keep in mind when they want to buy some strings for their racquet. In most cases, there are 4 such types.

They include the string’s power, the comfort, the control, and finally, the spin.

  • Power 

The power of the string has everything to do with the player’s ability to make powerful hits. Under normal circumstances, you would expect a beginner’s power to be equivalent to that of an experienced player.

The latter has definitely known his way around the game and can make the best hits. The former, on the other hand, barely has any experience. The strings therefore step in to supplement the power.

If your muscles are yet to fully develop, you want to go for a power string. If you can generate your own power, they are not necessary.

  • Control 

In a simple language, control refers to the ability or freedom that the player has to direct the ball wherever he wants it to land. First things first. You definitely wouldn’t require a control string if you don’t even have the power yet.

So what are we saying? You don’t have to look for a control string if you are still a beginner. You will need to work on your power then slowly advance to the other types of benefits.

But for tennis pros, this is something they must have in mind when buying a tennis string. 

  • Comfort 

Comfort, more or less, has nothing to do with the level of experience that a player has in the game. Both beginners and experienced players want to remain comfortable while they are playing.

Also, nobody wants to sustain game injuries when they have the power to stop such incidents from happening. Comfort strings will go a long way in ensuring that. They minimize the amount of impact and vibrations felt by your arms.

In effect, they also minimize the chances of having elbow injuries

  • Spin 

This one is much more linked to experienced players that are seeking a challenge and competition. Spin strings help the player to make the ball bounce high. Thus, opponents will not have an easy time attacking it.

While this might not be very relevant to beginners, they still have much to gain if they are able to settle for a string that is all-round and thus provides all the benefits at the same time. 

The material 

The next aspect to watch out for is the type of material that has been used to design the strings. The material will always affect the durability and longevity of the strings. In most cases, the strings will feature either a polyester, nylon or natural gut material. 

 If you are a super competitive player that is always breaking the strings, you want a strong material like polyester.

Also, the material will affect the kind of benefits you get. Polyester, for instance, will give you some spin and control. Nylon and natural gut will give you some power and comfort.


The string’s gauge refers to the thickness of the strings. The thickness to go for will depend on the level of your experience as well as the benefits you want to derive from the strings.

You will require thick strings if you want to obtain control of the ball. But if you want power or comfort, you can work with thin strings. 


Finding the best tennis string is not going to be an easy task. You will have to go through hundreds of reviews to find out the best. Chances are, you will not even exhaust those reviews since they are just too many.

What then follows is that you are likely to settle for a tennis string that is not best suited for you. As such, you might not have the best game. Or maybe, it will keep on breaking and you will have to spend more money in the repair or replacement.

Why don’t you just save your money and go for the best model once and for all?

We recommend the Solinco Hyper-G Heaven tennis string.

It has been made from strong polyester to see to it that it survives the test of time. The polyester is also firm enough such that it gives the player enough control of the ball. He can direct it in whichever direction he wants it to land.

Moving on, Solinco is very friendly to your arms and it minimizes the amount of impact and vibrations you will feel after hitting the ball. 

Since it is also very affordable, you wouldn’t have anything to lose by trying it out.

Get yourself Solinco Hyper-G Heaven and have fun playing.

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